What is the NEW CMD Marine?
The Dynojet CMD Marine (Combustion Management Device Marine) is an easy-to-install fuel controller gives the end user full control of the fuel curve in an easy to adjust format for the ultimate in air/fuel ratio tuning.
How much performance will I gain?
Pop the hatch to install the CMD Marine units, and within a few minutes you’ll have the power to control your engines fuel curve at the tips of your fingers. Our testing has shown impressive gains in fuel economy on all stock engines, while being flexible to support future modifications. Want to install those new headers or camshaft, the CMD Marine gives you the ability to tune the engine for a proper fuel delivery curve without the downtime of shipping your ECU off for recalibration. On a stock 502/500HP, we achieved a 28% increase in fuel economy in the midrange RPM’s with no other changes!
How Does it work?
Changes are made to the engines’ fuel curve via the CMD Marine’s onboard microprocessor. Using this technology, we are able to offer a large area of adjustment without making any permanent changes to the ECU (electronic control unit). Removing the CMD Marine modules returns the engine to its previous stock condition.
The unit comes complete with software and USB cable link that allows you to change between different maps or make adjustments to a map file. The USB port provides an instant, no-hassle way to connect the CMD Marine unit to today’s’ computers.
For the ultimate in fuel tuning, you can combine the CMD Marine unit with one of our wideband oxygen sensor monitor devices for real-time air/fuel ratio display. This will show you precisely what air/fuel ratio your engine is running at, giving you the vital information as to what changes are necessary. The CMD Marine also has a feature called AutoTune, which gives you the ability to set a target air/fuel table within the software, and have the CMD Marine automatically tune while you drive. You simply set the software to the air/fuel ratio you desire, and it will create trims on the fly! You will then have the ability to implement these trims to the base fuel table.
The WideBand 2 unit gives you one channel of oxygen sensor input. The AT-300 unit offers dual oxygen sensor input, allowing owners to tune each bank of the engine individually, for extremely fine control of air/fuel ratio. If you would like to be able to monitor these readings, as well as other information from the CMD Marine units, our LCD-200 display gives that to you in the palm of your hand. This touch screen display device also gives you the ability to log all channels to an internal, user supplied SD card. With the maximum 1gb SD card installed, the LCD-200 can log up to 186 hours of data!
Where can I buy it?
The Dynojet CMDM will be available directly from Dynojet Research, Inc. You may also be able to purchase this device from an authorized reseller that has met our qualifications.
Technical Features?
  • Small footprint for easy mounting (for V-8 applications, 2 modules at 5/8” x 3-3/8” x 2-5/16”)
  • USB powered from computer (can be programmed off-vehicle)
  • 2 position map switching function built in (map switch not included)
  • 3 optional analog inputs allows user to tap or add any 0-5v sensor and build an adjustment table based on its input such as temperature, throttle position, etc)
  • Plug-n-Play Harness with OEM style intercept connectors, no cutting or splicing is required
  • Individual control per engine bank (left and right)
  • Unit has a -100%/+250% fuel change range.
  • High resolution MAP sensor based fuel table for precise fuel changes
  • Works in parallel with OBDII vehicles, even CAN-Bus systems
  • Automatic map retrieval upon connection
  • Onboard notes storage
  • Quick connect CAN accessory communication ports for LCD and AutoTune accessories
AutoTune for CMD Marine
  • AutoTune kit is available as a single channel wideband O2 sensor or dual channel wideband O2 sensors
  • Plugs directly into the CMD Marine using the CAN accessory ports
  • Single channel wideband feedback will adjust the entire fuel curve for both banks. Dual channel wideband feedback will adjust the fuel curve for each bank of cylinder independently.
  • Plug-n-Play Harness with OEM style intercept connectors, no cutting or splicing is required
  • Each map cell is individually adjustable so you can specify an exact air/fuel ratio value desired for each area if needed.