Combustion Management Device, Now Available!
2010 - 2012 Hyundai Genesis 2.0T Downloads
Hyundai Genesis 2.0T 2010
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The Combustion Management Device (CMD) from Dynojet Research Inc. is pictured above.

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Part Number: CMD-1810
Price: $449.00
Product Accessories
Product Part Number: AT-200
Price: $279.99
Product Part Number: D2K14-1SE
Price: $449.00
Product Part Number: POD-300
Price: $249.99
Product Part Number: 15-7018
Price: $69.00
Product Part Number: 15-7003
Price: $249.00
Product Part Number: 15-7019
Price: $69.00
Product Part Number: 15-7021
Price: $69.00
Product Part Number: 15-7020
Price: $69.00
Product Installation Guides
CMD Install Guides - CMD-1810.
Product Software Downloads
CMD Software: Master Control Center dynojet cmd
Product Specifications
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CMD Available Maps for Selected Part Number
MCMD-1810-000 Zero Map, WB2 supported 1 KB
MCMD-1810-002 91 Octane, DW 550cc injectors, compensated zero map (use -26% in global fuel scalar) 1 KB
MCMD-1810-001 91 Octane, Fuel Changes Only, WB2 supported 1 KB